The Negroni


This cocktail was created by the Count Negroni at the beginning of the 20st Century when he asked to add gin to replace the soda in his Americano. Simple to make (equal parts of gin, Campari and vermouth rosso) and balanced, it's considered to be one of the most famous Italian cocktails in the world.

Experiment this cocktail with different brands of gin and/or vermouth to create a drier, sweeter or spicier version. Find the combinations that you enjoy the most. The structure is the same, but the cocktail is embellished by the individual who makes it!

There is famous other variations of this Classic cocktail Negroni, such as:

  • Negroni Sbagliato (replace the gin with sparkling wine like champagne or Prosecco)

  • Aperol Negroni (swaps Campari for Aperol)

  • White Negroni (Gin-Lillet blanc-Suze liqueur)

  • Americano (Campari-sweet vermouth-club soda)

  • Boulevardier (replace gin with whiskey)



This month's Cocktail Crawl benefits Oregon Food Bank. The aim is to eliminate hunger in Oregon.



“James Bond ordered a Negroni when he was not in the mood for a Martini.”


We must also address the root causes of hunger through public policy, nutrition and garden education, and public awareness.

Be focus on freshness

By 2019, the expectation is to distribute 15 million pounds of produce each year.

Be a champion self-reliance

The nutrition and garden education programs, as well as community food organizing activities, increase self-reliance and improve the health of communities.

Be an advocate for change

For public policies and programs that address hunger at its root causes.


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Rolling River Spirits:

Rolling River Gin

Cocchi Americano

Saler's Aperitif

fresh squeezed lemon juice.

New deal negroni.jpg

New Deal Distillery:

Negroni Cafe

1oz Portlandy Dry Gin 33

1oz Campari, 3/4oz

Sweet Vermouth

1/4oz Coffee Liqueur


Stone Barn Brandyworks:

Two parts Gin

Two parts Stone Barn Prune liqueur

Two parts Campari