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A dynamic Classic…

The Manhattan is likely “the next step” for the burgeoning home-bartender. Like the Gin & Tonic, Rum & Coke, or Vodka Soda, it really only calls for two ingredients (and bitters), though because of the opacity of its name and the style in which it’s served (chilled in a cocktail glass with a twist) it comes together as an entirely different skill level, and one of the best templates for you to play around and make you “House Manhattan”. There are many resources that will tell you the history and classic variations of the drink, we’re here to enable you to explore further with a few of our local suggestions.


The Manhattan

An oldy but a goody…

New Deal Manhattan.jpg

New Deal Distillery:

*Martinez Takes Manhattan*

2oz New Deal Distiller’s Workshop Old Tom Gin

1oz sweet vermouth

2 dashes of Bitter Housewife aromatic bitters

Garnish: Cherry

Straightaway Manhattan.jpg

Straightaway Cocktails:

Ready to serve Old Fashioneds were donated

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Freeland Mahattan.jpg

Freeland Spirits:

2oz Freeland Bourbon

1oz sweet vermouth

cherry and orange garnish

Eastside Mahattan.jpg

Eastside Distilling:

2oz Burnside Oregon-oaked Rye Whiskey

1oz Cherry Bomb

cherry garnish

Our Manhattans-

You might wanna consider the Manhattan the cozy, sweeter version of the martini. Spirit meets vermouth or herbal liqueur with you option of garnish leaning more into the warming tones associated with the characters from a barrel instead of the crisp and refreshing notes favored in a martini. What they especially share is technique. Both are served “up”(See Bar Glossary) with a twist (generally orange instead of lemon) or amarena cherry (a cured cherry instead of an olive). We won’t bother you with the history of the Manhattan- you’ll just have to visit us for that- instead here are 12 variations to spur your creativity. <3


Stonebarn Brandyworks:

2oz Stonebarn Rye Whiskey

1oz Nocino

3 dashes orange bitters

orange twist (or cherry)

Wild Roots Mahattan 2.jpg

Wild Roots Vodka:

2oz Cascade St. Bourbon

1oz Wild Roots Sweet Cherry Vodka

Aria Manhattan.jpg

Aria Gin Distillers:

2oz Aria Gin

1oz L’Afrique sweet vermouth

.25oz black cherry syrup

blood orange peel


Bull Run Distilling:

2oz Starka (barrel-aged vodka)

.25oz vermouth syrup

3 dashes angostura bitters

Bull Run cherry garnish

Westward Mahattan.jpg

Westward Whiskey Distillers:

2oz Westward Whiskey

.5oz dry vermouth

.5oz sweet vermouth

allspice and orange oil for garnish


Rolling River Spirits:

2oz Brown Bear Aquavit

1oz sweet vermouth

2 dashes orange bitters

Vinn Manhattan.jpg

Vinn Distillery:

2oz Baijiu (or for a smoother texture, try 2oz rice whiskey)

1oz sweet vermouth

cherry garnish


Townshend’s Distillery:

The Toronto

2oz Bull Run American Whiskey

.5oz Townshend’s PNW Fernet

.25oz maple syrup

orange twist + cherry