The Gimlet


This month's Cocktail Crawl is probably one of the easiest cocktails to make, welcome to “The Gimlet”.

Two parts of gin & one part of lime.

Add all ingredients to a shaker with ice.

Shake well and strain into a chilled Martini glass.

For a cocktail variante, replace the gin with vodka to create a “Vodka Gimlet”.

But where does this name come from?

There is some famous attributions about this drink, one comes from the name of a naval doctor, Sir Gimlette, and the other one from a small tool used to tap barrels of booze on-board.


One cocktail, one cause…


Voz is a worker-led organization that empowers diverse day laborers and immigrants to improve their working conditions and protect civil rights through leadership development, organizing, education and economic opportunity. We provide disenfranchised day laborers with leadership development opportunities as well as classes aimed at providing them with the skills they need to secure long-term employment. Voz uses Popular Education methodology in our leadership development and grassroots organizing, and we have a strong history of community engagement as a worker-led organization.


…and 12 distilleries!

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Rolling Rivers Spirits:

2 oz. Rolling River Gin

.75 oz. Fresh squeezed lime juice

.75 oz Simple syrup

2 slices Cucumber peeled

ND gimlet.jpg

New Deal Distillery:


2.5oz New Deal Portland Dry Gin 33

.5oz fresh lime juice

.5oz simple syrup

Lime wheel for garnish.


Stone Barn Brandyworks:


2 oz Golden Quince liqueur

1 oz Fresh squeezed Lime juice

0.5 oz Simple syrup 

5 drops Juniper Brinjevec or three dashes Woodland Bitters

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Westward Whiskey Distillers:

1.5 oz Volstead

.75 oz Basil simple

.5 oz Lime

Freeland gin.jpg

Freeland Spirits:

Hibiscus Gimlet Jello Shots

24 oz lime jello

4 cups hot water

4 cups gin

4 oz hibiscus tea

Bull Run Distillery:

1 oz Starka

.5 oz Raspberry Gomme Syrup

.5 oz Lime

.5 oz ginger syrup

2 dash of Angostura Bitters