Our vision

Cocktails for the Community


It might sound like a funny headline, and we don’t ever mean to be flippant about “cocktails changing the world”. However, we do think it is in the spirit of Portland and our unique collaboration of small spirits makers to be able to have fun with our craft and do some good while we’re at it.

Distillery Row is a non-profit collection of spirit makers located within the city limits of Portland, Oregon. It’s members are all craft distilleries committed to encouraging education about craft spirits and support the vibrant culinary culture of our city.

Cocktail Crawl originated as a friendly challenge between the distilleries. It was (and still is) a way of demonstrating that a cocktail is an outline, a template, something to be explored and tinkered with until you can make it your own. A Manhattan, for instance, is “2 parts whiskey + 1 part herbal spirit/wine + garnish", there are traditional metrics of course, but there is a world of choices to make the perfect Manhattan for yourself, with all local spirits! Luckily, we’re no strangers to making spirits the way we want them to be so the next step was to be the bartender.

We were all so different from each other. Some made whiskey, others made brandy or gin, while others pioneered categories in Oregon like aquavit, baijiu, or amaro. With such a variety of spirits we decided that once a month we’d see what we could do to make 12 different versions of a single drink and use the occasion to mutually support causes we believe in.

So here we are.

Punch Cocktail Crawl from Townshend’s Distillery

Punch Cocktail Crawl from Townshend’s Distillery