Bar Glossary

Here are 10 bar-terms you should know:


up- When a cocktail is chilled and diluted in a mixing glass, then served without ice in a chilled glass.

Citrus Bar.jpg

neat- A spirit is serves on its own without ice or dilution. Often at room temperature or chilled in the freezer.

boston shaker- a style of cocktail shaker comprised of two metal cups that fit into each other for emulsifying cocktail ingredients with ice.

BFC- Big F*&^king Cube [of ice].

expressed lemon- lemon zest that has been squeezed over a cocktail straying it with citrus oil. Normally appears as a faint mist when the lemon peel is pinched.

coupe- a rounded stemmed cocktail glass.

collins glass- A tall stemless cylindrical cocktail glass often used for cocktails with bubbles. Also referred to as a “chimney glass”.

spritz (verb)- The technique of spraying your cocktail with an additional ingredient, often used to add unique aromatics to the drink.

Spritz (noun)- a cocktail recipe that adds sparkling wine to it’s recipe.

rinse- the act of using a small amount of ingredient to coat the inside of a cocktail glass before straining the rest of the drink into it. (look up: “absinthe rinse”)

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